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Archaeologists Started Digging Around a 280-year-old Farmhouse

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archaeologists-started-digging-around-a-280-year-old-farmhouseHistorians and archaeologists are doing surface excavation around a 280-year-old farmhouse near Seaford.

The Cannon-Maston House and surrounding property were purchased last summer by Sussex County and a land preservation group with the goal of opening it as a museum.

Peter Bon of the Archaeological Society of Delaware says the teams are looking for evidence of trading between Indians and the Cannon family, which built the house in 1727. He says that would have been a fairly early period for contact between Indians and colonists.

Teams are also trying to find traces of a house that may have preceded the brick farmhouse.

The home is one of the oldest in the county and has been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1975. —

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