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Roman Artifacts Discovered During Access Road Construction

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roman-artifacts-discovered-during-access-road-constructionPieces of the past have been unearthed during the first stages of construction of the East Kent Access Road.

Archaeologists have found artefacts dating from when the Romans inhabited Thanet, as well from other periods.

The finds from the recent excavations were shown to isle residents at two roadshows from the Trust for Thanet Archaelogy over the weekend.

The first took place at Margate library on Saturday, and the second at Westwood Cross on Sunday.

Shoppers thronged around the stall outside Debenhams to look at what has been found so far.

Pieces of Roman ceramics from the period around 150AD, flints used to work on animal skins and animal bones were among the pieces on show.

Similar remains were found by teams near Monkton, before Thanet Earth was built around two years ago.

Archaeologist David Crawford-White, who is the archaeology outreach officer for the road, said:

“Much of what we have been finding are domestic items and we have found some really good examples.

“We have had a fantastic response to this, people are really interested in the area’s history.

“The Isle of Thanet has a unique archaeological heritage and what has been found locally so far has been tremendous, but there is so much more to find. People have been living here for 6,000 years.”

The road is being built from near the old cooling towers in Richborough and will snake up to Manston.

It will join up to Cliffsend in the east and a second section will split off and finish at the Tothill Street roundabout near Minster in the west.

A stretch will run alongside the Kent International Airport runway, and the work there is currently the most visible.

It is hoped it will ease congestion and attract more businesses into the area.

For more details on archaeology in Thanet, and to see the virtual museum, visit, and the Isle of Thanet Archaeological Society’s site at

The team will be back at Westwood Cross on Sunday, April 18, from 11am to 4pm, for another roadshow. —

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